Advanced Lean Beverage Innovation

Vertical Over Counter Electric Soft Drink Dispenser. Easy installation. Low maintenance. Aesthetically engaging; a stylish, sleek beverage unit. Designed for smaller outlets such as coffee shops or QSR .Multi flavour valve
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  • ‘Plug & Play’ installation
    • Requires mains power, CO2 and water connection
  • Beverage grade CO2 supply
    • 80psi regulators
  • BiB must be stored below, or on a level with the dispense unit within 2 meter
  • Capable of dispensing 4 products
  • Lean post mix dispenser
  • Water supply is piped into the unit from the mains
    • 40psi
Performance - 24º C Ambient, Drinks at or below 4.4o C
  • Ice Bank Pull Down - 1 hr 45 mins (nominal)
  • Ice Bank Weight - 2.7 kg (nominal)
  • Dispense Capacity - 1.5oz per second
  • Optimised Ambient Temperature - 24º C
  • Max Operating Ambient Temperature - 32º C
  • Drinks Capacity - 90 drinks @1dpm*
  • Max Number of 7 litre BIB's in 1 week (7 days) - 15 x 7 litre Bib**
W x D x H 123/4" x 253/8" x 191/2"
32.4cm x 64.5cm x 49.5cm
Weight 68.3 lb
31 kg
Power Output 10.00 Amps
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 220-240 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CEISO 9001:2000

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Advanced Lean Beverage Innovation

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Advanced Lean Beverage Innovation - Vertical unit


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