Multiplex - Blend In Cup® Workstation

Capitalize on your customer's thirst for blended drinks with an automated, easy-to-use workstation.

With an all-in-one convenient footprint, the new Multiplex Blend In Cup Workstation makes it easy to add blended beverages to your operation. So easy to use you can be up and running as a crew serve beverage destination in no time.

Take the guesswork and the mess out of making delicious and nutritious smoothies, frappes, slush drinks, blended ice beverages, cocktails and so much more.

This model is currantly available in Europe only.

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  • Blend and serve - right in the cup
    • Improve consistency, control product costs, reduce waste, labor and serve time. Automated features designed to complete the entire beverage making process - right in the cup!
  • Built-in nugget ice machine
    • The perfect ice for all kinds of specialty beverages, the onboard nugget ice machine maintains high-volume drink capacity during peak hours. Ice maker supports high volume ice demand within a 24 hr period.
  • Built-in refrigeration for storage & dispense system
    • Convenience and food safety is build right in. Storage cabinet holds up to 8 beverage flavors. The dispense pump system will handle small particulates and all product is stored at food safe temperatures. Product front-loads easily into a built-in refrigerated pump, dispense and storage cabinet. No manual connection. The operator simply places product in a drawer and slides it into place. The drawer is perfectly aligned with the connection and ensures proper product dispense. On-board cleaning instructions and a "clean-in-place" system makes food safety and maintenance a snap.
  • CO2
    • Supplied 3/8" panel mounted Colder fitting, 100 psi/150 psi min/max.
  • Drain
    • 8', 1" ID hose supplied
  • Electrical
    • 115VAC-60Hz/1ph using a NEMA 5-20P electrical plug. A dedicated circuit is required.
  • Exclusive easyToUCH™ Control
    • Easy to use icon based touch screen control makes beverage preparation and inventory management easy. The control panel offers visual training, cleaning, maintenance and data collection information. With the easyToUCH™ icon based touch screen, making a drink is as easy as the press of a button. Everything you need to operate the machine from making a drink to training to cleaning can all be accomplished through this intuitive control panel.
  • Multi-product dispenser + two mixing stations
    • Productivity is built right in with a beverage requiring less than 40 seconds to prepare. Dual mixing modules improve throughput even more.
  • Plug 'N Play
    • When proper site utilities are available
  • Refrigeration
    • 1/5 HP, R404a (11oz)
  • Warranty
    • 1 year parts and labor, 5 years on compressor only
  • Water
    • Supplied 3/8" panel mounted Colder fitting, 20 psi/90 psi min/max
W x D x H 26" x 3253/64" x 7525/32"
66cm x 83.4cm x 192.5cm
Weight 545 lb
247.2 kg
Power Output 16.00
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 115-120 V x 60 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CENSFUL

Training Videos

BIC Manual Fill Flavor Activation

Training Videos / Service Videos

BIC Calibration

BIC Product Bag Replacement

Product Videos

BIC MB8 - Long OverviewBlend in Cup

BIC MB8 - Short OVerviewBlend in Cup

Service Videos

BIC Manual Fill Clogged Drain

BIC Pre-Calibration Checklist

Service Videos / Cleaning Videos / Sanitation Videos

BIC Zone 1 Cleaning

BIC Zone 2 Cleaning

BIC Zone 3 Cleaning


BIC with CIP Wiring & Plumbing

Owner Instruction Manual

BIC MB-8 Installation Use & Care 92913869291386

Instruction Sheet

BIC Blender CountsMPX-i-014

BIC Blender Motor Filter Device Installation9294868

BIC Blender Shaft Tool 020008383020008383

BIC CalibrationMPX-i-008

BIC Factory ResetMPX-i-007

BIC Flavor Activation or DeactivationMPX-i-022 Slushy

BIC Manual Fill Troubleshooting (Store Level)MPX-i-006

BIC Manual Fill Tune Up 2020 92950599295059

BIC Software Recipe Upload MCAM752R CANADA9295103 MCAM752R CANADA

BIC Update 4.0.10 020008384020008384

Blended Ice Expansion Valve Kit 92902529290252

Parts Catalog List

BIC MB-8 Parts Manual (450 Ice on Board)

Service Manual

BIC MB-8 Technician's Handbook STH034STH034

Service Bulletin

MPX-090 (BIC Cup Cover Guide Rods)

MPX-09 BIC Blender Shaft Inspection

MPX-093 (BIC Lower Bearing Assembly)

MPX-094 (Replacement Tubing)

MPX-106 (New Blender Shaft Assembly)

MPX-109 (New Blender Grate)

MPX-111 (BIC 450lbs Ice Maker Compressor)

MPX-124 (BIC 3239824 Lower Shaft Assembly)

MPX-125 (BIC Duplicate Part Numbers)

MPX-126 (BIC Serial Tag Refrigerant Charge)

MPX-128 BIC Red Wrench Screen IconAll BIC Ice on Board & Manual Fill Units

MPX-130 BIC 4.0.2 FirmwareMPX-130

MPX-135 (BIC Warranty Parts)




MPX-152 BIC Required Stocking Parts ListALL MULTIPLEX BIC MACHINES

MPX-157 BIC Required Truck Stock 25 November 2019MPX-157

MPX-160 BIC Failed Parts ReturnMPX-160

MPX-161 BIC and BIM Tune Up 2020MPX-161

MPX-164 BIC Shut Down RestartMPX-164

MPX-170 BIC Power Cord Failure in the FieldMPX-170


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