Backroom Packages

We specialize in customized backroom packages! Assembled or unassembled racks, pumps, regulators, cylinders, carbonators, tubing, fittings, connectors, water systems, filters, etc.; whatever beverage dispensing equipment and parts you need, we can put together an all-inclusive package and deliver it wherever you want.

Our customized backroom packages provide everything your technician needs to quickly install a new beverage system. When shipped together with a dispenser and ice machine, it doesn't get any easier!

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  • Auto Selector Valve
    • Automatically switches from empty to full BIB.
  • Auto Shutoff Valve
    • Automatically shuts off N500 Series pump when BIB bag is empty.
  • Brix Pump
    • Designed to proportion two non-carbonated liquids in an exact ratio, eliminating the need to regularly re-adjust brix at the dispensing valve. It operates on the source pressure of one of the proportioned liquids which eliminates the need for CO2 or electric power.
  • Customized Backroom Packages
    • Includes your choice of rack, BIB pumps, regulators, and BIB connectors.
  • Flojet Electric Pump
    • Designed for dispensing bag-in-box syrups and juice concentrate (without pump or particulate). Self-priming up to 6 feet and runs dry without damage.
  • Flojet Gas (CO2) / Air Driven Pump
    • Designed for dispensing bag-in-box syrups and juice concentrate (without pump or particulate).
  • Heavy duty BIB pumps
    • For syrups and juice concentrate without pump or particulates; or juice and condiments with pump, particulates or viscous concentrates.
  • Juice/Condiment Pump
    • Designed with enlarged diameter check valves for beverages with pulp, particulates or highly viscous concentrates.
  • Plastic Pump Mounts
    • No clips or screws are needed to mount pumps on the base plate which slides onto the track to form the pump system.
  • Pre-Assembled Glide Racks
    • Seven standard configurations include: top shelf, primary and secondary regulator, choice of BIB pump, and choice of BIB connectors.
  • Pre-assembled Slide Track Pump Panel System
    • Include BIB pumps, BIB connectors, clamps and tubing, and regulator.
  • Pump Mounting Brackets
    • Pump panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally, on the wall or BIB rack.
  • Rack Size
    • 1-, 2- and 3-wide
  • Rack System
    • Flat racks for vertical and horizontal BIB boxes; inclined racks for horizontal gravity feed BIB boxes
  • Strainers
    • Keeps debris and particles from entering pumps and equipment.
  • Syrup Sold Out Switch
    • Switch senses the pressure drop in syrup line when BIB is empty and shuts off power to the valve's solenoid to prevent serving unflavored drink and automatically resets with full BIB.
  • Tracks
    • Glide tracks for quick and easy pump mounting and replacement
  • Transfer Valve
    • Automatically changes from empty to full bag without interrupting flow, and can operate multiple banks of BIB horizontally.
BIB Pumps
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cm x cm x cm
Weight lb
Power Input Type Electric
BIB Rack Accessories
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cm x cm x cm
Weight lb
Power Input Type Electric
BIB Racks
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cm x cm x cm
Weight lb
Power Input Type Electric
Installation Kits
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cm x cm x cm
Weight lb
Power Input Type Electric
Pump Accessories
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cm x cm x cm
Weight lb
Power Input Type Electric
Bag-in-Box Components
Multiplex offers a variety of Bag-In-Box components to complete your Multiplex beverage dispensing system.
Bag-in-Box Pumping Station
Beverage System Cleaner
BevClean™ - No Rinse, Bag-In-Box Beverage System Cleaner
Scheduled cleaning is essential for a properly functioning beverage dispensing system. Get the peace of mind that comes with this easy-to-use cleaner that delivers a fresh, deposit-free system!
CO2 Cylinders
CO2 Regulators
All the fittings, clamps, bolts and bits that you need to complete your beverage dispensing system are available from Manitowoc Beverage Systems. You can trust that the components supplied by MBS are high quality and dependable!
Insulated Beverage Conduit
We offer a variety of insulated beverage conduits to complete your Multiplex beverage dispensing system.
Tubing and Clamps
Accuflex™ hose, tubing and cabled bundle products provide consistent, dependable, economical performance while maintaining high drink quality and reducing service calls.
Water Boosters


Brix Pump Diagram

Installation Guide

Flojet Transfer Valve 1500-030 & 1500-031

Flojet Universal Bracket - Model 20982-100

Parts Catalog List

MBS Parts Catalog - Part 1 of 2

MBS Parts Catalog - Part 2 of 2

MBS Parts Catalog Part 1/13 - Distribution & Credit App

MBS Parts Catalog Part 3/13 - Racks & Pumps

Service Bulletin

MPX-094 (Replacement Tubing)

MPX-163 Beverage Equipment Shut Down RestartMPX-163

MPX-169 BIB Pump ConnectionsMPX-169

Specification Sheets

Flojet BIB G58 pump for juices & condiments

Flojet Electric Syrup Pump

Flojet Inlet Strainers - 1720/1740 Series

Flojet N5000 series BIB pump

Flojet N5000 series CO2 BIB pump

Flojet Syrup Sold-Out Switch


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