Servend - Drop-in Series

Servend Beverage Dispenser

Servend's Drop-in Series offers maximum beverage cooling capacity in post-mix and pre-mix models. Quick, easy install cold plate inlets and drain connections simplify pre-plumbing and installation. Includes dual-view merchandiser light kit.

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  • Ice Storage Capacity
    • Up to 60 lbs. (27.3 kgs.)
  • Ice Storage Capacity
    • Up to 80 lbs. (36.4 kgs.)
  • Ice Storage Capacity
    • Up to 100 lbs. (45.5 kgs.)
  • Installation
    • Front accessible cold plate inlets for easy installation.
  • LED Lighting
    • Long life and reduced energy use provides a dramatic lifetime cost savings over fluorescent bulbs.
  • Manifold
    • Patented flex manifold makes carbonated or non-carbonated drink changes possible in minutes.
  • Merchandiser
    • Dual view merchandiser highlights brand offering from all sides.
  • Options
    • Drop-in tower light box
      Splash guards
      Flomatic 464 portion control or automatic fill valves
      Alternate voltages for cold carbonation and ambient carbonation
  • Service
    • Easy service access with no tools required to remove drain pan, splash panel, and ice bin door.
  • Valves
    • Flomatic 464GP beverage valves enhance drink quality and presentation.
  • Valves
    • Choose 5 or 6 push button or sanitary lever
  • Valves
    • Choose 6 or 8 push button or sanitary lever
Servend Drop-in Series Beverage Dispenser
W x D x H 15" x 22" x 223/8"
38.1cm x 55.9cm x 56.8cm
Weight 69.2 lb
31.4 kg
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 115-120 V x 60 Hz x 1 PH
220-240 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CA Low LeadCULNSFUL
Servend Drop-in Series Beverage Dispenser
W x D x H 23" x 23" x 223/4"
58.4cm x 58.4cm x 57.8cm
Weight 92 lb
41.7 kg
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 115-120 V x 60 Hz x 1 PH
220-240 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CULNSFUL
Servend Drop-in Series Beverage Dispenser
W x D x H 23" x 23" x 223/4"
58.4cm x 58.4cm x 57.8cm
Weight 100 lb
45.4 kg
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 115-120 V x 60 Hz x 1 PH
220-240 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CULNSFUL
Beverage System Cleaner
BevClean™ - No Rinse, Bag-In-Box Beverage System Cleaner
Scheduled cleaning is essential for a properly functioning beverage dispensing system. Get the peace of mind that comes with this easy-to-use cleaner that delivers a fresh, deposit-free system!
Brix and Ratio Cups
Ensure that your customers get the best-tasting beverage! Over time, valves can fall out of their intended calibration. McCann's Brix and Ratio Cups help you to keep the syrup-to-water ratio correct, assuring a consistent, refreshing drink each time.
Cold Carbonation Retro-Fit Kit
Servend's new Cold Carbonation Retro-Fit Kit delivers cold water to the carbonator which results in higher carbonation levels, better-tasting drinks, and year-round, consistent water temperature to your fountain beverage center.
Cold Carbonation System
Remote carbonation system utilizes standard McCanns technology and components
Drop-in Stands
Stainless steel cabinet/stand. 23 x 23. Stands are designed to accommodate drop-in ice bins and to provide an enclosure for carbonators. See instructions provided with those items for proper installation and connections.
Quality Assurance Kit
The tools required to test fountain drink quality are included in a single, compact, durable, and economic package.
Stainless Steel Countertop/Drop-in Adapter
Allows for placement into a 23" x 23" countertop cutout or stainless steel stand.
Variety Valves
Variety Valves are a great way of extending your beverage offerings with non-carbonated drinks without extending the dispenser footprint! The McCann's Variety Valve is available in Autofill, Self-Serve, Sanitary Lever and Portion Control.


DI-1522 & DI/DIL-2323 Wiring

Installation Guide

DI DIL Harness Retrofit 5031425

DI Purge Tube Routing (5030479)

DI Wide Splash Guard (5031739)

Flex Manifold Replacement (5012189)

Service Pump Deck (5031604)

Owner Instruction Manual

Drop-In DI, DIL and CT Series Beverage Dispensers 020005256 020005256

Variety Valve

Parts Catalog List

DI-1522 & DI/DIL-2323

Flex Manifold

McCanns 43-5002

McCanns 43-5102

McCanns 43-6002

McCanns E200393

McCanns E400397

Variety Valve

Price List

Multiplex Price list

Service Manual

Servend Technician's Handbook STH14STH14

Service Bulletin

Carbonation Testing Procedures

Flex Manifold Replacement Kits

FLO-013 (How to Return Beverage Valves)

Keyswitch Ground

MPX-163 Beverage Equipment Shut Down RestartMPX-163

SII-008 (Double Check Valve Certification)

SII-010 (2 Ambient Carbonator 6 valve DI-2323)

SII-021 (To Tee or Not to Tee)

SII-026 (McCanns liquid level control probes)

SII-030 (Rotary Vane Pumps)

SII-042 (LED Merchandiser Drop-In Units)

Specification Sheets

Drop-In Series Dispensers

Terms of Guarantee

Repair Times Warranty

Servend Warranty


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